‘Dissertation Situations’ – a discussion-based game for online supervisors

We’re proud to say that our game for online supervisors is complete! ‘Dissertation Situations’ will be tried for the first time at the Supervising at a distance: understanding the ODL dissertation experience workshop at the University of Edinburgh on Wednesday.

‘Dissertation Situations’ is a scenario-based board game designed for academic staff who supervise or will be supervising online distance masters students. It aims to provide opportunities for discussing the potential situations and challenges a student may face in the dissertation process, and for exploring a range of responses to these situations. The game can be played with 2-4 players.

The game situations are drawn from data generated during the Dissertations at a Distance project.

There are up to ten copies of the game available to borrow, free of charge. Contact jen.ross@ed.ac.uk if you’d like to borrow copies of the game!

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